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The Java/J2EE IT Quiz offered by Test01Coder online IT assessment platform will allow you to assess your candidates’ IT skills and knowledge level: beginner, medium and advanced level inJava/J2EElanguage, Java Core and Java Web. Test01Coder’s IT Quiz enable both the rating of a beginner-level developer (for instance, prior to registering to a training session), as well as the assessment of a Java architect. Available technologies: Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, EJB, JPA, Spring, Hibernate, JavaServer Faces, RichFaces, Vaadin, GWT, SWT, Freemarker, SEAM. Tec


The Database tests allow you to assess your candidates’ IT skills and knowledge level: beginner, intermediate and advanced level. These database tests (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL) cover all important data persistence systems and information representation techniques.


Web programming knowledge tests cover the following areas: procedural and object-oriented syntax, functions, tables, forms, cookies, sessions, regular PHP expressions etc. PHP Quizavailable onTest01Coder include the latest web technologies and the most used versions of CMS Frameworks: PHP5, Joomla, Magento, Zend, Symfony, Doctrine, Unit testing with Symfony. PHP tests available onTest01Coder online IT assessment platform are available as Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ). Several answers are sometimes possible. The tests include thirty questions to be answered once and within a limited time, in order to avoid cheating. Some tests are available in both English and French. Thanks to Test01Coder, you assess quickly your candidates’ PHP level.

Testy programistyczne i quizy wiedzy IT Test01Coder

ITEST.PL razem z Look4IT jest oficjalnym resellerem platformy oceny umiejętności IT Test01Coder na Polskę.

Test01Coder jest głównie skierowany do:

  • profesjonalistów zajmujących się rekrutacją w dziale IT,
  • wydawców oprogramowania,
  • dostawców serwisów IT,
  • firm konsultingowych i tworzących rozwiązania IT.

Ocena umiejętności IT online zapewni Ci oszczędność czasu w procesie rekrutacji nawet do 30%! Wypróbuj za darmo.

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“Test01Coder is an excellent tool for remotely recruiting engineers or technicians. The tests are of excellent quality and the candidates’ feedback is very good. The test database is correct (around 300) […]. I’m very pleased with the site’s overall ergonomics. In the Agilitech context, this solution delivers the best possible ROI as it allows us to quickly eliminate the candidates who do not meet the required technical level.”

Pascal Vignon

founder, Agilitech IT services company

“We are constantly recruiting developer analysts, design engineers and software developers. Test01Coder has helped us complete and optimize our recruitment process. We came across Test01Coder on the Internet a year ago, when searching for a recruitment tool to help us assess the candidates’ technical skills. Candidate pre-selection became so much easier from the very first trials. The IT assessment tests are complete and ready for use, which allows us to choose among them on a case-by-case basis, according to our needs and the required skills for our clients’ projects. The results are automatically sent to the candidates and made available online for our recruitment managers, which greatly facilitates candidate selection. Test01Coder is the ideal recruitment tool for any IT services company.”

Damien Chimier

Sales Manager, INFOTEM

“The Test01Coder platform has allowed us to save a significant amount of time in our recruitment plan. We have integrated this tool in our process and thus managed to recruit candidates with the technical level required by the project.”


CEO, Management Software Publisher of an SME

“In short, the IT tests catalog of the Test01coder platform is very extensive. It covers most of our assessment and recruitment requirements.”


HRD, general IT services company of 1.000 employees


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